DC’s Good

After a ridiculously enjoyable summer of travel (see prior post, and maybe pictures coming to flickr someday) I’ve arrived in Washington, D.C. I’d been told it’s a fun city with a lot of young people around. I was a little worried about the lack of mountains over 10,000 feet.

Everything so far has exceeded my expectations. I still believe my job is as good a fit for me as I can imagine. I got my team assignment on Wednesday — I’m trading congestion revenue rights in California. I’ll have to explain what that is and why I want to do it in a future post. Living across the street from work has already proven useful and I like my coworkers, especially the group of 8 others who started with me.

Better yet, there’s a gorgeous national park 15 minutes from my door. I heard that the Potomac is nasty and polluted, and it probably is near the city, but if you head straight north from Vienna you hit Great Falls National Park which is gorgeous even by Utah/Yosemite/Glacier NP standards, and has some very good outdoor rock climbing options (and I picked a good time of year to move in). Ten more minutes further north hits Earth Treks Rockville, a solid indoor climbing gym open until 10pm, with a good community of members. Also, a good friend of mine and hardcore mountain biker has some downhill trails in the backyard of his family’s house out in the country… but real biking may have to wait till spring when I can afford a new bike.

Now I’m on the patio of a bar on Dupont Circle in perfect weather (enjoy it while it lasts!) finishing up computer errands (opening a bank account) and getting ready to meet a mix of new work friends and new/old college friends at a ridiculous happy hour in Adams Morgan — 50¢ draft miller light starting 5pm, price rising 50¢/hr. Then to amazing-looking Ethiopian food at Meskerem, and choosing from a number of bars/clubs/house parties to hit afterwards.

Apparently this is the “Right Coast” because “best” doesn’t rhyme with “east.” Could be worse :)

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