I like Stanford

It’s only Tuesday, and this week I’ve seen talks by (along with many of Stanford’s distinguished faculty) Jamie Dimon, John Doerr, and Eric Schmidt. Those are possibly the three most important people in American finance and entrepreneurship today.

It’s only the second week of class, and I’ve met about two dozen new classmates. It seems like they’re all smarter, more focused, and more accomplished than me.

Stanford is intense. and awesome.

I’ll post more soon about the results of my job search (looks good!) and my classes this winter soon. But for now I just wanted to say that I entered this quarter determined to give myself a more relaxed schedule, with more time for personal development and relationships, and that while I’m only taking 3 classes, every time I shave something from my schedule I immediately seem to find 3 more exciting opportunities to use the time I just saved. As long as I can avoid the temptation to do everything, I think everything will be sweet.

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