I recently got into three albums which are all surprisingly good, so I thought you should know:

Rise Against – Appeal to Reason
Somehow these guys keep getting better. It’s hard to argue whether this album sells out more or less than Siren Song… did, but both are effective and I think this album returns them to slightly harder (while still extraordinarily well-produced) punk rock hooks. Infectious, and despite how catchy it is, you can’t quite label it pop-punk.

Hilltop Hoods – The Hard Road
Australia has a hip-hop scene. I discovered “Recapturing the Vibe” on the trailer to Poor Boyz’ latest ski film and there are a number of other standouts on the album (Stopping All Stations, What a Great Night). Also checkout Nosebleed Section on their Calling album. They rip the mic and they tell good stories. Oh, and they have funny accents.

E.S. Posthumus – Unearthed
Ever watched a movie trailer that had a symphonic score but with a techno beat to make it harder-hitting? It turns out all of those trailers feature one of 3 or 4 songs by E.S. Posthumus. Really good mood music, depending of course on your mood ;)

2 Responses to “Musics!”

  1. Ben Says:

    For some reason I seem to find hip-hop much more listenable when it originates from practically any other country.

    Also, Posthumus sounds intriguing; I’ll have to track some of that down. From you description it sort of sounds like an evolution of prog rock.

  2. Tom Says:

    ES P is a little prog-rocky but less rocky and more electronic.

    Just don’t listen to French rap ;) D.A.M. 2 does some pretty good arabic hip hop if you want to expand your repertoire.