Technology Prices

I just wanted to share that buying a second 1GB stick of RAM for my computer was nearly 10x cheaper than when I bought the first stick a little under 3 years ago. $22 is so much less painful than $172. Technology is sweet.

2 Responses to “Technology Prices”

  1. Hal Wershow Says:

    a cheap flashdrive? a busted keyboard? is this the sum total of your life?

    c’mon buddy, i know there’s something better goin’ on.

    let ‘er rip!

  2. Tom Says:

    Heh, fair enough. Actually, the sum total of my life is really (1) getting a job and (2) keeping up with classes. I don’t want to say much publicly about jobs until I accept an offer (but the search is exciting, feel free to call), and classwork is even more boring than computer equipment ;)