Epic Adventure Day 1: in which my car falls in love

Yesterday was my first day of unemployment, and to celebrate I decided to drive to Colorado to visit some friends in Boulder and my cousin in Montrose. So far my vacation’s been going great. I’m still alive and it’s been an adventure.

I can totally understand falling in love with wide open spaces, so I don’t feel I can be too upset about my car falling in love with Wyoming. Unfortunately I wanted to get to Boulder, so we had to part ways yesterday. My buddy Jordan Kunz was kind enough to pick me up the middle-of-nowhere town of Laramie where my car decided it wanted to hang out. A very friendly mechanice happened to come into work on Saturday after the also very friendly I-80 Towing tow-man called by the friendly AAA operator brought me and the Cabrio over to visit.

So the mechanic has my name and key and promised to have a chat with my car on Monday. I had to leave the car before Jordan came so I’m currently living off my “just enough to survive overnight” bag and the charity of others (e.g. for fresh socks and most other amenities of civilization like toothpaste and a razor). Here’s to hoping that the Cab’s fling with Wyoming is just a 3- or 4- night stand and not true love.

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