Tom’s Friends

Looking at this website and other people’s blogs has led me to an obvious conclusion:

Blogs are only worth reading when the writer is in the midst of some kind of exciting adventure, has specific experience or knowledge that you’re interested in learning from, or is your son.

I have been doing ostensibly the same thing in the same place for 7 months now, which is peanuts to the “adults” out there but for me it’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with one thing (counting school one semester at a time, and anyway my longest continuous stint there was 4 semesters and I switched majors in the middle of that). I don’t count working at a startup as a blog-worthy exciting adventure because it doesn’t involve many pretty pictures. I’m not yet an expert in anything notable. I am somebody’s son, but that has limited appeal.

Since my life is now an incredible bore (unblogworthy) I’ve decided I should blog about more interesting subjects: other people.

Look for the first in this series the next time I have free time =)

One Response to “Tom’s Friends”

  1. Ben Says:

    The quote’s partly true, but I think the “your son” clause is to narrow. I read and generally enjoy the blogs of, for example, my brother and a couple dozen friends. (Of course, aggregation helps; otherwise I’d never get around to checking about 3/4 of them.) The only blog I read from someone I don’t have a personal connection to is Neil Gaiman’s, and he’s just generally interesting.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been doing ostensibly the same thing in the same place for seven years now. It’s starting to disturb me a bit. Still, things happen.