Why is Volkswagen Service so Bad?

You’d think Volkswagen would find a way incentivize their dealerships to do something better. I’ve never gone back to Exclusively Volkswagen in Ontario because my sophomore year they kept my car for two weeks and charged me a grand before they gave it back. Should’ve checked with the Better Business Bureau before — they got an F.

Now my car’s at Bozzani Motors in Azusa (a B rating is better, right?) and one of their mechanic accidentally broke off a bolt somewhere in there when he was repairing the ABS (after taking a week to figure out how install the part for the ABS). OK, no biggy, find the piece of bolt that broke off and remove it. After a few days of phone tag, the service rep tells me they have to take off an $800 part to get into where the bolt dropped and then replace that part. Right. So I get to talk to the manager when he gets back on Monday.

On the half-full side, so far as I know he’s at least been honest.

Edit: 8/17: Talked to the manager, got run around for a couple more days, and got my car back without any extra expense, just the $200-some for labor, which seems reasonable given that they (and everyone else) charge $90/hr. Car seems to be happy.

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  1. Ben Says:

    For VW repairs that don’t absolutely have to be done by the dealer, I’ve been using a local guy who does German cars in general – I think he mostly specializes in Porsches, but he’ll take VW’s too. Not the cheapest in the world, but he’s reliable.

    I need to call him and find out if he can fix my current problem or if I need to take it to the dealer – my middle-back-seatbelt got stuck reeled all the way in with the seat folded down, so now it won’t fold back up. :P