Spring Break!

I climbed!

I had a spring break. It was cool. I caught up on all that stuff I’d meant to do last fall. Except my statistics course. Still working on that one.

I also snowboarded Mount Baldy and it was great. Accidentally when down a rocky cliffish thing but only my snowboard got hurt (poor boardy). Next time I’ll be less stupid. I was wearing my helmet, and it’s about the 5th time this year I’ve been glad I was =)

Thursday my cousin Tyler came out from Altadena and we headed to Vegas baby, Vegas! Except I don’t like the city. We turned off and hit up Red Rocks Canyon National Preservation Area or something like that, and lo and behold Garrett, my boy from Portland, was there rock climbing with two of his buddies. I realized I haven’t climbed a rock in five years, and I also re-realized that climbing rocks is awesome. It was way fun.

Unfortunately either both of my camera batteries died at the same time, or something’s wrong with my charger, or something’s wrong with my camera. So I have no pics. Hopefully Garrett took some and will pass them on. [Update: Tyler managed to get a couple pics from his dying camera, so I put one of them up.]

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