Always June

Pile into Pomona’s “Alumni Van” and drive to June Mountain. Exhaust yourself snowboarding. Drive back to school. Sound familiar?

Last weekend I and one of the kids from the last June trip co-led another ski trip to June Mountain. It was even better than the last, and we stayed 2 days. Here’s some highlights:

  • 7 kids in a “sleeps-four” cabin (of course)
  • Only 1 girl on the trip (poor Meg!)
  • Driving around Friday night failing to find hot springs and making Noah grumpy (poor Noah)
  • Taking first-person boarding videos with my camera-in-waterproof-case. And crashing into a tree.
  • Sunday night, finally finding the most kick-ass hot spring I’ve ever been to.
  • Bathing-suited snow angels. Yeah they look the same as clothed snow angels, but it’s all about the process.
  • Giving a ride to a couple whose car got stuck while they were searching for hot springs (paying back karma for the nice guy who winched my car out of the mud about 1/4 mile away from that spot two years ago).
  • My first speeding ticket on Hwy 395 (but only 10 mph over!). I’ve still never gotten one while driving my car. My friend who drove my car went faster than me and didn’t get one. My car never gets tickets because no one can believe it’s capable of going faster than 75.
  • Back home at 3am and sleeping very very soundly.

I have pictures to prove that all of that really happened. I’ll post’em when I get a chance.

2 Responses to “Always June”

  1. Ben Says:

    Hope the tree didn’t dent any of your parts too badly.

    And, isn’t your car still the Cabrio? Heck, my Golf has no problems going 85. (Er, was that my out-loud voice in a blog our parents read?)

  2. Tom Says:

    Nah the trees bend out of the way for the most part. Yesterday I accidentally went down a 12ish-foot craggy-rock “cliff” (not vertical, but not something you could stop once you started) at Mount Baldy and that put some serious marks in my board (and reminded me why I always wear a helmet). My poor board.

    Yeah it’s a Cabrio. It just doesn’t look like a fast car. It gets shaky around 95 (which is a pretty slow top speed for a modern car). Wind noise is loud at 85. And don’t worry, I’m always here to make you look like the responsible one in mom’s eyes =)