What It Is

Education as a broad topic is one of the things that interests me a lot. I can think of a couple reasons why (it’s important to everything, public policy is interesting, cogsci is interesting, my parents care about it), but what’s cool is I’m finally old enough that I can start seriously thinking about how.

How am I going to be involved in education?

This morning I stumbled on to a goldmine of fresh perpective on our educational system — my friend from home’s previously long-neglected blog. He’s doing a two-year Teach for America stint in Baltimore, running the kind classrooms he and I grew up in. It’s really funny to hear a (young) high school teacher’s honest perspective on how it feels to deal with us, and it’s also pretty damn inspiring.

And you might not know it cuz there’s no pictures on his site, but Mr. B. is way too handsome not to have a girlfriend =)

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