Portland Rocks, part II

The second reason Portland rocks (after the people that live here) is, of course, the people that work here. Everyone knows that my last job, coordinating Orientation Adventure, rocked. So I’ll use a photo essay to show how The Bus = OA = hella tight. On the left is the New, on the right is the Old.

We ride a bus. My new workplace is even named after this bus. For the old workplace the bus is just a means to an end.
The Oregon Bus Project bus OA Canoeing Trips bus

Obviously after you load a bus, you gotta give a speech. At The Bus, our fearless leader Jefferson did this. For the OA canoeing trips it was li’l old me.
Jefferson Rallies the Troops The

We take long trips. Fortunately everyone we ride with passes “the airport test” with flying colors, so it’s time well spent.
Explaining "Open Source" Egyptian Ratscrewing

The bus goes pretty places. ‘Nuff said.
Central Oh Are Caleb and Lake Mead

Excited happiness ensues.
Get on the Bus! Short Canoeing Spirit

There’s a behind the scenes! We use computers a lot.
Garret & Tom Burnin the Midnight LCD This is actually a posed shot.

Further behind the scenes! The office really is home away from home.
Poor Jeremy Done Got Wore Out Poor Sam Done Got Wore Out

Finally, and you know this can’t be coincidence, we trust birds to drive us.
Tux Drives the Bus! Cecil in One'a'Them Carts

Q.E.D. The Bus Project is a fun place to work. There’s a few more parallels that involve maps with lots of pins on them, red cups, group hugs and laughter, but I was limiting the photo essay to my own pictures and so not everything has been captured yet…

3 Responses to “Portland Rocks, part II”

  1. Garrett Says:

    All of a sudden I’m thinkin’ the Bus Project could work in California. The photo archive already exists, apparently.

  2. bruce Says:

    Hey up! How are things going up there?

  3. Tom Says:

    Hey bruce! All is well. I’m learning lots about politics and web design… The big news is all here but send me an email or IM if you want more details.

    Garrett – remind me of that again in May 06 ;)