My First Grant!

So my while my mom is in the process of applying for her second brazillion dollar package of smiles from the late great Howard Hughes (to make sure kids learn science — yay mom for the first one and good luck with the renewal!), I applied for and was awarded my own grant! Mine is less than 1/2500 the size, but it does cover my registration and travel expenses to the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting & Student Research Conference (you know, the SXAMSRC everyone’s been talking about), where I’m presenting my thesis work from last spring. Now I can attend the Saturday night shmoozing banquet without wasting $65 of my own. And if Kat puts me up I can buy her a nice dinner :)

This is sweet. One day I gotta get one of them jobs that gives you an expense account.
Geek note – Bjarne Stroustrup is the keynote speaker.

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