running through the rye

i think people are starting to believe me when i tell them i’m not as stable as i seem.
that’s ok.

man this weekend sucked. and i still really don’t want to move.

but consulting is still looking really good. went to a case interview workshop and smoked it. that shit is easy if you’re a genius like me. i’m gonna apply for jobs and if i get one i might even decide to graduate on time and just start working. i’d try to talk them into letting me defer though first… and that would be the fucking shit – come back here next fall, then have 9 months to chill out, secure in the knowledge that i’ll be making bank the next year.

how do you give people responsibility? i need to learn that quick, cuz i have too much and i know some people (i.e., that work for me) that could use more. well, i need to convince them that they could.

there’s so much good and bad in my life right now. i need to not get into bad moods, or learn how to get out of them better. i’m never mad/depressed for more than like 2 or 3 days, but even that fucks my work schedule.

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