days off

sleep til 10. woo!
10 eat breakfast, check email
11 buy mathematica online
11:30 miss appointment to pick up bike that was in the shop with friend who’s bike is also there. whoops
12 grade cs81 homework, write solutions, talk to profboy
12 don’t get invited to lunch with career office guy and
1 cancel appointment to study for consulting interviews cuz i’m still grading cs81
2 meet thesis advisor and drive to irvine to see talk related to thesis
7 back from irvine, get dropped off by advisor at consulting presentation, grab free snacks for “dinner”
8:30 walk home, check email
9 try to catch up on business (email OTL liaison, guy wanting gear, first aid instructor coming in 4 weeks, leadership/outdoors speaker coming in 3 weeks, correspond with math prof sending consulting business my way for the club)
10 study for combinatorics midterm tomorrow
if time? talk to joe about figuring out housing

i’m less busy when i have class.

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