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This page has some information about this website, which might be useful to somebody.

The name protension is a random portmanteau I came up with one day. According to OED, it was once a real word:

There are minds whose power is shed, if we may say so, in protension, precipitated forwards in narrow channels with impetuous torrent.

The unfortunate skier in the protension header graphic is Dan Kleinman; the photo was taken by Mark VanDonge on Mount Baldy in 2005.


DreamHost is provided by DreamHost. They are great and offer nearly-unlimited storage and bandwidth, a domain name, databases, and all the programming capabilities you could want for $7.95/mo.

Use promo code “thankstom” and you’ll get $50 off! That brings 1 year to $70 or two years to $140. (I get $97 for any referral; if you use that promo code I give you $50 and I get $47). There’s a 90 day money-back guarantee.

If you want an email address or a place to store some files or test out PHP or something just ask me.


The journal is powered by WordPress. The theme is based on Kubrick, the default theme. I use a few reliable plugins:

If you know me and you want your own blog at, just ask.


I haven’t been doing active design of websites for a few years, preferring to spend my time elsewhere and use defaults or pages I made 5 years ago. Back then, I did my web design in BBEdit and occasionally Emacs. Before that I used some graphical editors to manage all those tables and templates (pre-CSS and widespread PHP). Graphics are handled with GraphicConverter and Photoshop.