About Tom Elgin

I grew up in University City, just outside of St. Louis, MO.

In May 2006 I received a Mathematics B.A. with a minor in Computer Science from Pomona College. In June 2009, I plan to graduate with an M.S. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. In September 2009, I will start trading energy with a small firm outside Washington, D.C.

I like math, organization, the outdoors, education, politics, most people, and many things. I love working between customers and developers, improving resource allocation and delivery, and designing experiences. I study optimization, modeling, and the mathematics of making good decisions.

I snowboard, ski, mountain bike, and rock climb at Mammoth, Park City, the Sierras, the Winds, Hood, and now South Tahoe. I love taking people on their first backpacking trips. I’m not bad at soccer and tennis, and I enjoy almost all sports. I want to get to know and understand everyone I meet.

For more about me, see Tom Elgin’s Resume.


Some of the groups I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Stanford Outdoor Education Program is the class I help teach at Stanford to train new outdoor leaders.

Zane Benefits, Inc. is the company I helped build between college and grad school. We aim to reinvent U.S. corporate health benefits through innovative implementation of Health Reimbursement Arrangements.

The National Outdoor Leadership School taught me most of what I know about wilderness expeditioning, leadership, and team-building. I completed a semester-long wilderness leadership course with them in Baja California during the spring of 2003. In summer 2008 I returned to take their Instructor Course in Wyoming, qualifying me to teach on trips including their Idaho Backpacking Adventure in summer 2009.

The Bus Project is the group of talented and amazing idealists that introduced me to state-level politics in Oregon before my last semester of college (Fall 2005).

On The Loose is the outdoors club of the five Claremont Colleges in southern California. I served as Director my junior year of college.

Orientation Adventure is Pomona College’s program to send incoming freshmen on four-day trips to welcome them. I led Strenuous Backpacking B (Kearsarge Pass) with Laurel McFadden and Drew Foerster my junior year. I was a Program Coordinator the next three summers, and I led Short Canoeing B (Black Canyon) with Erin Kahle in 2005.

Mobile Computing Lab is the group where I did computer science research for my first two summers in college. I worked on Java mobile networking code for LIME and ad-hoc coordination models.

Washington University Science Outreach promotes K-12 math and science education in the St. Louis area. I designed the website for this program when it had a staff of five, now it has many times that and serves thousands of educators each year.